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About Us

Bank Different. Bank Central.

With over $900 million in assets, Central National Bank serves customers in Temple, Waco, and Austin.

For a lot of people, banking can be less of a convenience and more of a chore. That is…unless you are banking with Central National Bank.

Hidden fees under the rug? Nope! Confusing terms in the cupboards? Absolutely not! Small print thrown in the laundry basket? Not here! At Central National Bank, we realize that while banking will always be necessary, it should never be a chore.

Keep the excitement of buying or building a new home, starting or growing a business, or planning a retirement and let us eliminate as much stress, anxiety and inconvenience as possible.

How we do that starts with access. We give you the ability to manage your money on the go with mobile banking, online with CentraNet, or over the phone with the Informant. But in the end, it all comes down to attitude. Ours is a culture rooted in our core values of service, efficiency and common sense.

At Central National Bank, we research, handle situations, and solve problems. If we don’t know the answers, we find them! We go to great lengths to keep you, our customer, happy.

No hassles. No chores. No worries. That’s the benefit of Banking Different.