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P2P Payments

Say goodbye to writing checks.

With Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments, you can easily send money to just about anyone, anywhere. Need to reimburse your co-worker for that departmental lunch? Pay your roommate for your share of the month’s electric bill? Or, send money to your child who’s away at college? No problem. With P2P Payments, you can electronically send money from your CNB checking account.

What info do you need to send a payment?

To send a P2P payment, all you need is the recipient’s name and email address. Once you’ve initiated a transaction, the recipient will receive an email with instructions for accepting the payment. They’ll enter their name, bank information, and a special keyword (provided by you to the recipient). This keyword is an added security feature meant to ensure that your payment is going to the right person.

Are there limits to how much money you can send?

Yes. Individual payments over $1,000 are not permitted, nor can you send more than $1,000 total in any given day.

How do I start sending P2P Payments?

To get started, simply log into CentraNet online banking (or the CNB mobile app) and access the Bill Pay menu. When adding your Payee, select Pay A Person.